Plants cultivated a potent home

Plants that are around us were many beneficial for our bodies. in today’s much fast food we can get. I wrote this article as a means to remind again, that nature has provided various kinds of food and medicine for our use. Collision and the fruit is mostly grown in the tropical season or two, here the reader can learn and benefit from the type of plant (leaf, rating, and other fruit – others). The author will update all types of trees to be used for human life.
We asked for suggestions for this article so that we can understand the nature and everything in (back to nature).






Melon : contains vitamin C and provitamin A and anti-cancer and anti-oxidants to prevent blood clotting, as well as aid digestion and lower cholesterol
(mengandung vitamin C dan provitamin A serta zat anti kanker dan anti oksidan untuk mencegah penggumpalan darah, serta melancarkan pencernaan dan menurunkan kadar kolesterol)