AVOCADO : (Persea gratissima Gaertn) Tree fruit from Central America, grows wild in the forests, many are also grown in gardens and on lawns tananhnya layer loose and fertile, and not inundated by water. Although be fruitful in the lowlands, but the results will be satisfactory if planted at an altitude of 200-1000 m above sea level (asl), in the tropics of the many subtropik rainfall. Small tree, 3-10 m high, steep rooted, woody stems, round, dirty-brown color, much branched, smooth-haired twigs. (Pohon buah dari Amerika Tengah, tumbuh liar di hutan, banyak juga ditanam di kebun dan di pekarangan tananhnya lapisan gembur dan subur, dan tidak tergenang air. Walaupun dapat berbuah di dataran rendah, tetapi hasilnya akan memuaskan bila ditanam pada ketinggian 200-1000 m di atas permukaan laut (dpl), di daerah tropis subtropik yang banyak curah hujan. Pohon kecil, tinggi 3-10 m, berakar curam, batang kayu, bulat, warna cokelat kotor, banyak bercabang, ranting berambut halus)

Utilization :

PART THAT USE: The flesh of fruit, leaves, seeds.

– Sprue.
– Humidify dry skin.

– Urine stone.
– High blood, headaches.
– Nerve pain.
– Stomach pain.
– Channels of breath swelling (bronchial swellings).
– Menstruation is not regular.

– Toothache.
– Diabetes.

To drink: leaves 3-6.
Use of Outside: The flesh of fruit sufficiently pulverized, used to mask. Leaves for local consumption, seeds finely milled into powder to relieve pain.

1. Sprue:
A content of the ripe avocados were given 2 tablespoons honey
pure, stir thoroughly and eaten. Do it every day until

2. Bladder stones:
Avocado leaves 4, 3 puzzle pieces rhizome, petiole 5 cottonwoods,
half betel nut, 1 nutmeg, 3 finger palm sugar, then washed
braised with 3 clean water glass until remaining 2 1 / 4 cup.
After chilling filtered and drunk. Day 3 x 3 / 4 cup.

3. High blood pressure:
3 avocado leaves washed and brewed with 1 cup water
heat. After a cold drink at once.

4. Dry facial skin:
Fruit taken and crushed it until like mush. Used
to mask, in a way that dry polishing face. Home
washed with water after the avocado mask layer

5. Cavities pain:
Hole in the tooth powder is inserted avocado seed.

6. Swelling due to inflammation:
Powder from seed to taste plus a little water until it becomes
dough like mush, balurkan body gets sick.

7. Diabetes:
Baked beans over a fire and then diced with the machete,
then discussed with clean water until the water turns brown.
Strain and drink when cool.

8. Tea and avocados good for head pain, pain
the stomach, swelling of the airways, nerve pain (neuralgia)
and come irregular menstruation.

Contents : Fruit and leaves contain saponin, alkaloida and flavonoida, Fruit also contains tannins and leaves contain polyphenols, quersetin, sugar alkohol persit. (Buah dan daun mengandung saponin, alkaloida dan flavonoida, Buah juga mengandung tanin dan daun mengandung polifenol, quersetin, gula alkohol persit)


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