Healthy Life

1. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. (make intestines pass off smoothly) Makan banyak sayuran dan buah-buahan.

2. Reduce foods that contain fat. (remove fat, blood artery become health) Kurangi makanan yang mengandung lemak.

3. Eat regulary do not eat and drink immoderately. (digestion becomes strong) Makan & minum teratur.


4. Do not be particular in choosing food. (give body adequate vitamins and balance nutrition) Memilih makanan memberikan vitamin tubuh yang memadai dan gizi seimbang.

5. Foods don’t be too salty, better if insipid a bit. no salt mineral surplus and make blood artery becomes health. Ada garam mineral surplus dan membuat arteri darah menjadi sehat.

6. Get used to drink boiled water. could maintain moisture and radiant face. Biasakan minum air matang bisa menjaga kelembaban wajah.

7. Avoid alcohol and cigarette.prevent heart and lung diseases, relaxed and carefree. Hindari alkohol dan rokok.

8. Balance time for work and rest.Discipline life, harmonious in body and mind. Bagi waktu untuk bekerja dan istirahat.


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