Pyrus malus, Linn

APPLE : (Pyrus malus) can live in the fertile region that has cold air temperatures. This plant is cultivated in Europe, especially in northern temperate regions. Local apples are famous in Indonesia comes from the area of Malang, East Java and West java (dapat hidup di daerah subur yang memiliki suhu udara dingin. Tanaman ini dibudidayakan di Eropa, terutama di daerah beriklim utara. Lokal apel yang terkenal di Indonesia berasal dari daerah Malang, Jawa Timur dan Jawa barat)

Utilization :

1.Diabetes Mellitus
Ingredients: 1 apple seed-sized fruit.
How to make: cut into 4 pieces and boiled with water 3-4
glass to boil down to 2 cups.
How to use: morning-evening drink, and carried out routinely.

2. Diarchea
Ingredients: apples not so ripe.
How to use: common edible.

Content : Apples (Pyrus malus) in addition to having the content of pectin compounds also contain nutrients, among others (per 100 gram): – Calories 58 calories – carbohydrate 14.9 grams – 0.4 grams Fat – 0.3 grams protein – Calcium 6 mg – 10 mg Phosphorus – 0.3 mg Iron – 90 SI Vitamin A – Vitamin B1 0.04 mg – 5 mg Vitamin C – and 84% Water. (Selain mempunyai kandungan senyawa pektin juga mengandung zat gizi, antara lain (per 100 gram): – Kalori 58 kalori – karbohidrat 14,9 gram – Lemak 0,4 gram – Protein 0,3 gram – Kalsium 6 mg – 10 mg Fosfor – Besi 0,3 mg – Vitamin A 90 SI – Vitamin B1 0,04 mg – Vitamin C 5 mg – dan 84% Air)


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