Cloves :  (Syzygium aromaticum), including shrubs plant species that can have a big tree and woody hard, clove to survive tens and even hundreds of years, height can reach 20 -30 meters and its branches thick enough

Curable Disease:
Cholera, black eyebrows,  Adding heart rate, Measles.

1. Cholera and increase heart rate
Ingredients: Flowers dried cloves
How to use: water disesap chewed, made every day.
Clove oil can strengthen the intestinal and gastric secretions and
increase the number of white blood.

2. Measles
Ingredients: 10 seeds cloves and sugar flower stone
Method: clove flower cooking water soaked overnight
then added with a sugar cube and stir until evenly distributed.
How to menggunaka: drunk little by little

3. Blacken eyebrows
Ingredients: 5-7 dried clove flower seeds and walnut oil.
How to make: baked clove flower until charred, then
ground until smooth and combined with hazelnut oil
How to use: spread on the eyebrows every afternoon.

Flowers clove (Syzygium aromaticum) in addition to containing essential oils, also contain a chemical compound called eugenol, oleanolat acid, acid galotanat, fenilin, karyofilin, resin and gom.


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