Chili : (Capsicum Annuum) originated from tropical America, spread from Mexico to northern South America. In Indonesia, Cabai generally cultivated in the coastal region to the mountains, only occasionally becomes wild. Upright shrubs, 1-2,5 m tall.

Utilized :

Spicy taste of chili, hot nature. Fruit potent stimulant, increase appetite (stomakik), peluruh sweat (diaforetik), stimulating the skin, and as a liniment

Part used :
The part used is the fruit and leaves.

Indication :
The fruit is used to treat: arthritis, thrush, toothaches,: influenza, and increase appetite.
Sap of young leaves is used to: facilitate the delivery.

How to use :
For drugs taken, boiled or 0,5-1 g dry fruit, then puree until it becomes powder.
For external use only, trimmed 0,5-1 g fruit, then water is used as a drug  compresses. In addition, fruit can be mixed with chili peppers other materials for liniment. Sap of young leaves is used for treatment of wounds, ulcers, and toothache.

Example to use :
Seduh 10 g red chilli powder in 1 / 2 cup hot water. Until smooth and set aside a few minutes. Results on a sick body part.

(Wounds, ulcers)
Rub vegetable oil on a few leaves of chili, then over low heat. Glue the leaves while warm chili on the injured skin

Fruit contains Capsaicin, dihidrokapsaisin, vitamins (A, C), rosin, kapsantin pigment, carotene, kapsarubin, zeasantin, kriptosantin, lutein clan. In addition, also contain minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and niacin.


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